Living Up to Our Name!

We are proud to put the International in ISITDBT for the 2012 ISITDBT Conference. Lars Mehlum, M.D. and members of the University of Oslo team will be coming to ISITDBT and ABCT this year.  Alec Miller will chair the symposium (and Jill Rathus will be the Discussant) at ABCT on Saturday, November 17th at 12:15PM in which Dr. Mehlum will present the primary findings of their ground breaking RCT. The Oslo team has graciously agreed to spend time with ISITDBT during our Research Presentations to discuss other results from their treatment studies implementing DBT with multiproblem adolescents. We are so glad to ensure once again that ISITDBT lives up to its International name.

Remember that registration remains open with reduced fees from now till October 10th. Please visit: We are seeing seats fill up fast this year, so please register early to ensure your participation.

Good News

We will also provide a discount for those who also attend ABCT and for those who register before October 10, 2012.

Registration Fees:

On or before Oct. 10 with ABCT attendance * $130.00
On or before Oct. 10  without ABCT attendance $160.00
On or before Oct. 10  student fee * $60.00

After Oct. 10  with ABCT attendance * $150.00
After Oct. 10  without ABCT attendance $180.00
After Oct. 10  student fee * $80.00
*Proof of ABCT attendance / student status required at conference registration.

Registration LIVE for ISITDBT 2012 – New Seminar

Register at:  (See additional registration information in the post below.)

I am excited to be able to announce a project that we have been working on behind the scenes for ISITDBT for this November 2012. This new afternoon seminar will be presented to all ISITDBT attendees this year. NOTE: Within our ISITDBT day, we will also continue to offer the types of ISITDBT workshops that you have come to know and love. Those standard workshop choices are limited to two as noted in a prior posting, due to the space limitations of ABCT this year. These traditional ISITDBT workshops will be provided in the morning this year.

NEW Seminar information: To enhance the mindful use of DBT strategies by DBT clinicians in sessions, we would like to bring you into actual DBT sessions in a deepened way.  This afternoon seminar involves watching video segments from two DBT sessions with discussions by DBT experts about the application of DBT strategies that had occurred within those sessions.  There will be attention given to both the effective parts of the session and also those parts of the session that may be considered to be inconsistent with DBT. Such attention to mindful awareness of therapist’s use of DBT strategies within sessions is hoped to be helpful both to clinicians who are readying themselves for future DBT Certification exams and video review, as well as to any DBT practitioner who wants to be more mindful, planful, and strategic therapists for their clients.

I am honored that the leaders of this workshop are some of the foremost leaders in DBT research and practice today. Katie Korslund, Ph.D., ABPP, will be with us this year for our new workshop, which is quite a coup as she typically is providing Master Clinician Seminars for ABCT during our ISITDBT day. Katie is the Associate Director of the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics at the University of Washington. We are also joined by Jennifer Sayrs, Ph.D., ABPP, from the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle and the University of Washington. And from the other side of the United States, Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D., joins us from Rutgers University. You will of course know Shireen as the ISITDBT Program Chairperson for the prior two year’s ISITDBT Conferences.


Registration LIVE for ISITDBT 2012

We are pleased to announce the 2012 ISITDBT Conference Schedule for the 17th Annual ISITDBT Conference in National Harbor, MD, on November 15, 2012.

Registration is now open at Eventbrite The Conference registration is $130 for those attending ABCT and who register before October 10th. Conference registration is $160 per person for those who do not attend ABCT and who register before October 10th. The student fee is $60 before October 10th.  Proof of ABCT attendance / student status will be required at conference registration to attain these reduced fees.  All of these stated fees include Eventbrite’s processing fees. Credit Card payment is the accepted method of payment at Eventbrite.

For an additional $15 cost, which is also purchased only at Eventbrite, Continuing Education Credits will be provided by Behavioral Tech, LLC. Please see the Continuing Education information posted at this site and the Continuing Education list of presenters.

NOTE: You will be asked to make a workshop choice as part of your registration, so please review the two options before attempting to register. Thank you.

The URL for registration is:

Conference Registration Scheduled to Go Live 9/7/2012

Registration for the 2012 ISITDBT Conference in National Harbor, MD is scheduled to GO LIVE on September 7, 2012. Registration by Credit Card Only will be processed through an Eventbrite link that will be posted on this ISITDBT site when the Registration is opened. You will be asked to make a Workshop choice for the morning workshop as part of your registration, so please review the two options listed below. Thank you.