Upcoming Deadlines for Posters and for Award Nominations

  • The due date to submit abstracts for the afternoon Poster Session at ISITDBT 2013 is September 10, 2013.  We received a “goodly batch” of abstracts over the weekend, and there is still room for more. Authors of accepted posters will be notified of acceptance on October 4th.
  • The due date for nominations for the 2013 ISITDBT Research Award is September 15, 2013.  Please consider honoring your colleague by taking the time to write your rationale for a deserving DBT / BPD researcher.

Registration is going quite well. We are four days into registration and current registration totals have already have reached 20% of last year’s total number of registrations.  Please remember that early bird rates only last until October 10, 2013, at which time rates will increase.  Please consider registering by this early bird date to help me have accurate numbers for ordering the morning continental breakfast and the afternoon coffee.  Also, I do expect that some workshops will reach the limit for registrants somewhere during the registration timeline.  We are not at that point yet. Early registration will remove the chance that you may get closed out of a preferred morning workshop.

ISITDBT 2013 Registration is LIVE

A reminder that registration has gone LIVE for ISITDBT 2013 at Eventbrite.

Thank you to the kind folks who e-mailed me that their registration had gone smoothly. It helped relieve my anxiety quite a bit.  It all looks quite good on this end. All four workshops have attendees lined up and quite a few (optional) Continuing Education tickets have been sold as well.  Please let me know if anyone has any trouble with registering for ISITDBT.

Please consider booking your hotel room early as well.  Hotel registration information can be found at the ABCT Opryland page.  ABCT is a separate but affiliated convention, and we are not connected with the hotel accommodations in any way. We do hope that attendees of ISITDBT will consider staying in Nashville a few days longer to attend ABCT as well.  ISITDBT does offer a discounted rate for our ISITDBT conference for those individuals who also attend the ABCT Convention, since ABCT does then incur a separate registration fee. The Opryland Hotel is a site to behold, so book those rooms and enjoy the Opryland Gardens and amenities.

Best Regards,