Words of Thanks

Thanksgiving has not happened yet, but I have many words of thanks to share. ISITDBT was a great success this year and many people helped to make that happen.

Thanks to Marsha for her Address to the ISITDBT community. It was a special treat to share the entire ISITDBT day with Marsha this year. Thanks to all the presenters who shared research presentations, provided our workshops, conducted our clinical seminar, and shared their poster presentations.

Thanks to the Program Committee for developing such a successful and informative program plan for ISITDBT 2013.

Thanks to Charlie Swenson for organizing our DBT sing-along. And thanks to all the singers and musicians who participated in singing with Marsha and the entire ISITDBT community. Such fun. And search YouTube soon!

A note of apology for the fact that I did not more formally acknowledge Randy Wolbert for leading mindfulness before registration at the start of the ISITDBT day. As I understand it, Randy has already signed up to lead mindfulness again before next year’s conference. So stay tuned for more details next year.

Thanks to the volunteers from Rutgers University who helped us stay organized for the registration and check in. It was a long line during parts of the registration, and I appreciate how hard the volunteers worked to get everyone checked in smoothly.

Thanks to Behavioral Tech for organizing and providing Continuing Education credits for ISITDBT 2013. It is not a small project to organize!

Congratulations to Alan Fruzzetti upon receiving the 2013 ISITDBT Research Award. We feel that Alan is a supremely deserving recipient of the award and we appreciate his many contributions to the DBT community.

Please join me in giving best wishes to Lynn McFarr who assumes the mantle of Program Chair for ISITDBT for the next two years. The best thing that you can do to help her is to start thinking right away of workshops, research presentations, and other contributions you can offer to help create a creative and informative program for ISITDBT 2014 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Thanks to all who have supported my efforts as Program Chair for ISITDBT for the past two years. It has been an honor to take on the responsibility, as ISITDBT is such an important conference and community. Thanks again.

-Adam Payne, Ph.D.

Conference Room Location in Nashville

A reminder that the ISITDBT 2013 Conference meetings will be held in Nashville, Tennessee in the Conference Center at the Opryland Hotel on Novemnber 21, 2013 starting in Tennessee Ballrooms D & E. Registration opens at 8AM.

Please register in Tennessee Lobby A between 8AM and 8:30AM. Please be promptly ready for the ISITDBT Conference to start at 8:30AM in Tennessee Ballrooms D & E (enter from the Tennessee A Lobby).  Continental Breakfast will be served from 8:00AM to 8:30AM in Tennessee Lobby A for ISITDBT registrants only.

Some of the workshops will take place one level below.  Please start the day in Tennessee Ballroom D & E. Instructions for how to get to late morning workshops being held in Ryman Studios P & Q will be given during the opening remarks.

It takes a village ….

It takes a village to put on a conference of over 270 people.  The ISITDBT village includes graduate students who have volunteered to help with the logistics of the ISITDBT day on Thursday.  When you see them, please say “hello” and give a word of appreciation to these volunteers.  The 2013 volunteers are graduate students at Rutgers University, working with Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D.  They helped out last year as well, so they know the ISITDBT “vibe”.

Thanks again to ….

  • Lauren Bonavitacola
  • Sara Geisser
  • Marget Thomas Fishman
  • Amanda Wong
  • Elaina Zendegui

See you Thursday,

Remember the Poster Presentations

Please remember to take a look at the list of Poster Presentations for the Poster Session and Cocktail hour at ISITDBT.

We have more poster presentations than ever this year, so make sure that you are acquainted with the topics that will be presented. We hope that you will be able to then speak with those DBTers who are engaged in projects that may influence or connect to your own DBT work.

The cocktail hour is a cash bar, so bring your wallet and pocketbook so you can get a beverage of your choice. We hope the whole Poster Presentation experience will make for an enjoyable networking and learning opportunity.

See you in Nashville!


A word of thanks … and some information

Please join with me in offering a word of thanks to Andrew Fleming, Ph.D., who will be leading our mindfulness practice to start the ISITDBT 2013 Conference on Thursday, November 21, 2013.  I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Fleming several years ago in my role as Clinical Supervisor at the Behavior Research and Therapy Clinics at the University of Washington. Dr. Fleming has recently returned to the University of Washington after an internship year at UCLA. It was a great pleasure working with Dr. Fleming in the past so I am glad that he accepted my request that he lead our opening mindfulness practice. Dr. Fleming is a fantastic DBT skills group leader and he vows to help bring us into the present moment to start the ISITDBT day.

And some information for you all: Prior to the start of ISITDBT on Thursday, and even before registration begins, Randy Wolbert, LMSW, CAADC will be leading a sitting mindfulness in Ryman Studio Q from 7:30AM to 8:00AM.  (Registration will then open outside of Tennessee Ballroom D at 8AM, after this sitting mindfulness practice.) The Ryman Studios are one level below our main conference area, but these two conference areas share a staircase, so they are quite nearby one another. We have 40 seats available in Ryman Studio Q, so please come and join Randy to start your ISITDBT day.


Less than one week to go ….

I am glad to report that all the logistics for ISITDBT 2013 are falling into place.  Please know that we will be checking registrants in electronically on Thursday morning.  As an additional safeguard, if you print out your Eventbrite tickets and bring them with you, that would make sure that we have several ways to check you in easily.

More details to come, but please take a look at this map so you will get your bearings for the conference.

When you enter the Opryland, you will come into the green Cascades section at the bottom of the map.  The conference on Thursday morning will be in the blue Convention Center section at the top of the map.  ISITDBT will be held in the Tennessee Section.

And please get ready to enjoy the Opryland gardens.  Some opportunities for mindfulness for sure.  The gardens are magnificent!  Please note the restaurants and their locations for your lunch on Thursday as well.

See you soon,

Heading into the ISITDBT Home Stretch

With a little more than one week to go before ISITDBT 2013, we offer our greetings and best wishes for a safe trip to Nashville.  Get ready to meet some new friends, as ISITDBT registration for 2013 is already over 250 registrants, which is more than last year!  If you are planning on attending ISITDBT, and have not purchased your ticket for the ISITDBT day, I request (as strongly as my little heart can) that you register today.  Last year, we had some walk ups on the day of the event.  We’ll be asking walk ups to register on their phones anyway this year, if at all possible.  And since this year is my last hurrah, I want to make sure that for 2013 we have the correct numbers for seats in the meeting rooms and the correct catering numbers for the continental breakfast and the afternoon break.  Happy DBTers is my goal!

Speaking of catering, for the Continental Breakfast, the hotel will be serving their breakfast package called Tennessee Mornings.  The costs of this continental breakfast and the costs of the afternoon break fare are included in your registration fee.

This year, in the afternoon, we will have some additions to our usual coffee fare.  The afternoon break will include Whole Fruit, Assorted Cookies or Brownies, Coffee, Decaf and Selection of White Lion Teas.

So we will do our best to take care of you, educate you, and give you opportunities for networking.  In exchange, I simply ask for registration today, if we’re to see you in Nashville. Thanks so much.