Thank you everyone to the outstanding poster contributions we received this year.  Congratulations to everyone who was selected:

Borderline Personality Features and the Use of Emotion Regulation
Strategies to Cope with Social Rejection
Sara B. Austin, Katherine L. Dixon-Gordon, & Alexander L. Chapman

Emotional coherence in response to social rejection: The effect of
emotion regulation strategies.
Angelina Yiu, Katherine Dixon-Gordon, Matthew Wakefield, Alexander L.
Chapman, & M. Zachary Rosenthal

The Emotion Regulation Effect of Experimentally Induced Pain on
Individuals with a History of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury.
Errinn A. Bixby & Milton Z. Brown

Reduced Anger Levels with the Use of the Relationship Effectiveness
Skills: GIVE and DEAR MAN in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
Maria Leon, Caitlin Torres, Elizabeth Dalton, Elizabeth Corpstein, & Harry Um

Outpatient DBT-A: Comparison of Treatment Outcomes in Two Skills
Training Group Formats.
Colleen M. Cowperthwait, Cynthia Ramirez, & Lorie Ritschel

Examining Clinician Attitudes related to using Prolonged Exposure for
Individuals with Co-Occuring Borderline Personality Disorder and
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Lauren Jackson, Kristen Leishman, Carolyn Davies, Rachel Fried,
Melanie S. Harned, & Lynn M. McFarr

Does Antisocial Personality Disorder affect DBT effectiveness? An
exploratory analysis.
Chelsey Wilks, Seth R. Axelrod, Maria V. Navarro-Haro, André Ivanoff,
Kathryn E. Korslund, Thomas R. Lynch, & Marsha M. Linehan

An examination of the validity of the Inventory of Interpersonal
Problems – Borderline Personality Disorder Scale (IIP-BPD).
Brianna Godfrey & Nicholas Salsman

Factors Related to Dialectical Behavior Therapy Attrition in
Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder.
Lindsay Feinman, Paul J. Meller, Jennifer H. Byrnes, & Alyssa Conigliaro

The Effects of a DBT Informed Partial Hospital Program on: Depression,
Anxiety, Hopelessness, and Degree of Suffering.
John E. Lothes II, Kirk D. Mochrie, & Jane St. John

Emotion Regulation Skills: A Mediator Between Impulse Control and Self-Harm.
Kelly L. LeMaire, Mary-Catherine Nimphius, Dane Whicker, Lynne M.
Rosenberg, Gabriela A. Nagy, Natasha Najar, & Kimberly Skerven

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for School Refusal: Proof of Concept and
Pilot Study.
Lauren Bonavitacola, Shireen L. Rizvi, Elaina A. Zendegui, & Brian C. Chu

Understanding the Relationship Between Perfectionism, Non-Suicidal
Self Injury, and Suicidality: the Mediating Role of Shame.
Michael Izadi, Milton Brown, & Derek Ray

The role of shame and self-punishing thoughts in self-inflicted injury.
Jocelyn McCullough, Natalie Jones, Joscelyn Rompogren, & Milton Brown

The Influence of Shame on Binge Eating Behaviors.
Keri Ann Abdullah, Natalie Jones, Carolyn Huntley, & Milton Brown

Emotion Dysregulation as a Mediator of the Relationship between
Borderline Personality Features and Feelings of Perceived
Burdensomeness and Thwarted Belongingness.
Keyne C. Law, Jessica S. Ferreira, Michael D. Anestis, & Alexander L. Chapman

Examining the interaction between personality disorder, mood
induction, and state emotion dysregulation in a laboratory context.
Lauren Borges & Amy Naugle

Difficulties with emotion regulation and alexithymia as predictive of
Avoidant Personality Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality
Lauren Borges & Amy Naugle

Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital and Emergency Room Utilization Before,
During, and After Enrollment in an adult DBT Day Hospital Intensive
Outpatient Program.
Rachel Litwin, Elizabeth LoTempio, & Seth Axelrod

Association between Distress Tolerance, Empathic Personal Distress,
and Borderline Personality Features in Undergraduates.
Emily J. Markman, Diana P.F. Montague, & Stephanie B. Mattei

“Waiting Well” in a Free Standing Comprehensive DBT Program:
Development and Evaluation of the DBT Enhanced Skills Training
Andrew White, Jesse Homan, Kathryn Patrick, & Linda Dimeff

The Effect of Emotion Suppression versus Acceptance on Emotion Differentiation.
Matthew A. Wakefield, Angelina Yiu, Sara B. Austin, Katherine
Dixon-Gordon, Alexander L. Chapman, & M. Zachary Rosenthal

An Examination of the Personal Limits Protocol for Interpersonally Challenging Behaviors.
Maggie Gorraiz, Ph.D., Suzanne Decker, Ph.D., and Seth Axelrod, Ph.D.

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Lynn McFarr