I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Lynn McFarr (and Kelly Graling) on chairing a wonderful ISITDBT 2014. Many thanks for all the work that they did to develop a program day filled with interesting and useful workshops, presentations, and seminars. And many complements for creating the warm feeling of a DBT family with the 400+ family members who attending ISITDBT this year!

I would also like to extend my humble thanks for receiving the 2014 ISITDBT Service Award. I truly was shocked and honored. ISITDBT is so very close to my heart. While my role as supervisor at the BRTC allows me to see that Marsha’s students and all the works at the BRTC are indeed fabulous (yes, I went there), to me, ISITDBT best embodies the vision of extending DBT both within and beyond the universities to the many varied clinical settings where so many individuals can receive this life changing and life saving treatment. Being honored by the society dedicated to bringing all DBT clinicians together from all settings is more meaningful to me than I can express in words.

And I will end this note where I could easily have begun it: Congratulations to Marsha for all that she and all the peeps have accomplished within the past year. It was wonderful to celebrate the launching of Certification, and the publications of all the new DBT books at ISITDBT 2014 this year.

Already looking forward to ISITDBT 2015 in Chicago!

– Adam Payne, Ph.D.

Location, Location, Location!



Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! We will be in Salon E at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown (1201 Market St.) on the 5th floor. Registration opens at 8am in front of Salon E. The workshops will be in rooms 307-310 on the third floor.

See you all soon!




We are at a new record! There will only be 22 more slots available for people who register between now and the conference tomorrow morning. After that we are officially SOLD OUT! So if you are planning to attend and have not registered, please  go on eventbrite right now and register to save yourself a seat. There may not be one tomorrow!









We hit a new record!

This will be the biggest ISITDBT yet! Over 300 people have already registered.

What a great opportunity to network!

If you can sing, let us know! We have a special treat planned for the cocktail hour.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!