Call for Clinical and Research Presentations

I’m very excited to begin planning the program for ISITDBT 2015, and I can’t wait to see you all in Chicago!

I want to put out the official call for both clinical and research presentations. In the past we have been ecstatic with the quality and variety of the workshops and presentations we’ve been able to offer. This year we plan to have 3 smaller clinical workshops (around 50 people each) and one larger workshop (approximately 200 people, depending on conference attendance). Right now we plan to have 2 research presentations, though, like always, it depends on the quality and number of the submissions.

So once again the door is open for workshop submissions of all kinds!

Submissions are due June 8th 2015, and should be sent to

  •  Clinical Workshops will be 90-105 minutes in length and should advance a participant’s knowledge of DBT. Both “broad spectrum DBT” and “niche DBT” workshops submissions will be accepted, although quality submissions will be the main variable used for workshop selection. Experiential components are encouraged for all workshops. Submissions should include a workshop title, list of presenters and affiliations, 3 learning objectives, and abstract. In addition, please specify whether material will be geared to one of three levels: basic (will be useful to all participants), novice (useful to individuals who are relatively new to DBT), or intermediate (requires a moderate degree of familiarity with DBT). Submissions should be no more than 1 page in length.
  • Research Presentations. As in previous years, we will have a research panel in which individuals will present new data on DBT and DBT-informed studies. Appropriate studies include: randomized clinical trials, pilot trials of an adaptation or novel use of DBT, or basic studies on DBT-relevant topics such as emotion regulation, borderline personality disorder, suicidal behavior, and/or team or therapist behaviors. Submissions should include a title, list of authors and affiliations, and an abstract and should not exceed one page in length.