2017 Student Research Award

This year the ISITDBT board is pleased to offer a $1000 research award for any graduate student or postdoctoral researcher who is establishing a career in DBT research. Please submit your applications by August 1st, 2017.

In recent years it has become increasingly more difficult to find funding to support advancements in DBT research, especially in the US. This difficulty is discrepant with the increased interest from the clinical community in DBT as well as with the need to improve this complex treatment targeting a difficult to treat population. In support of the DBT research community as well as to encourage the next generation of researchers to continue to pursue the improvement and optimization of DBT, at the 2017 ISITDBT Conference we will award a $1000 scholarship for the most meritorious research application coming from a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher. The award can complement existing funding to support an exciting line of DBT research.

If you are interested in applying, please submit a 3-page proposal for a research project that identifies mechanisms of change in DBT or otherwise identifies ways to optimize the treatment. Research proposals concerning the application of DBT to other populations, or advancements in the delivery of DBT are also welcome. The research proposal should follow NIH guidelines and detail significance, innovation, approach, and justification of need. In addition to the research proposal, please submit your CV or NIH biosketch, a one-page budget, a one-page research plan that could emerge from the research project, and a letter of support from a faculty advisor/mentor. If the award is intended to supplement existing funds, please highlight in the budget or the application the need for the award and where the additional funding to complete the study is coming from. Please ask your mentor to specify in your letter that you are a graduate student or postdoc.

Expert DBT researchers will review all submitted proposals and select the most competitive application for this award. The key criteria on which the application will be judged is originality and likelihood that it can begin a promising line of funding that will advance research in DBT. Please submit applications (as well as any questions about the award that you might have) to Dr. Andrada Neacsiu at andrada.neacsiu@duke.edu by midnight, August 1st, 2017. Please put “ISITDBT 2017 Student Research Award submission” in the subject line. Submissions that do not follow this guideline will not be considered. 

Funding decisions will be sent by October 1st, 2017.