ISITDBT 2014 Clinical Seminar

The following Clinical Seminar will be provided in the afternoon of the ISITDBT program day.  As in previous years, this seminar will be attended by all ISITDBT registrants.  You will not need to make a separate selection during the registration to attend this seminar.  All ISITDBT registrants will attend.

Improving Competence in DBT: Avoiding Common Adherence Pitfalls, presented by Kathryn E. Korslund, Ph.D. & Melanie S. Harned, Ph.D.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a comprehensive, principle-driven treatment that requires clinicians to learn and apply a large number of strategies and protocols. Some strategies are needed in all sessions, whereas other strategies and protocols are context-dependent, requiring the clinician to know which are needed or most effective given the specific characteristics of the situation and the client. In this workshop we will review some of the most common problems that occur in applying these strategies and protocols during actual DBT sessions. This will be based on data from approximately 2,000 individual and group sessions that have been coded for adherence to DBT with clinicians from a range of practice settings and experience levels. We will discuss and illustrate some of the most common adherence related pitfalls as well as strategies for improving competence.